Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bijaya Sanmeloni with Masai

I would like to convey my good wishes for a happy Bijaya to all of you i.e. all my friends ….OK, to all my enemies as well, if that satisfies everybody….well in advance since I am leaving for an exotic “Migration Safari” at Masai Mara, Kenya, along with my daughter Rini ( who is going to join me at Nairobi from USA) and three of my friends,  on 14th October’13.
We have planned to have Bijaya Sanmeloni with Masai ( I am not sure whether “Kolakuli” and “Pranam” are accepted in Masai’s custom!) at Masai Mara  and celebrate “Kojagori” in hot air balloon with champagne followed by night game drive in Kojagori Purnima ( Full Moon)! 

Whatever photographs I take, if they are at least as good looking as me, which does not say much, I am going to post them in FB and my personal blog so that you can see all the African animals  or whatever and even be able to touch them ( on your screen)!
After all this if I still survive and do not extend my safari to Haven, then I will be back to square one i.e. Kolkata on 22nd!

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