Saturday, November 1, 2008

Silver lining for KGPians even in Hell!

The 50th Anniversary for IIT, Kharagpur was celebrated in a grand scale. Invitations were sent all across the globe and the response was excellent. We all went in big groups and were really taken care of. There were lively seminars, cultural programs, visits to respective departments, visits to respective hostels, dinners and what not!

During one of those cultural programs, the master of the ceremony (unfortunately I am unable to recollect his name) even assured us that for KGPians even death could be interesting!

An IITian from Kharagpur died and as usual went to Hell (all IITians are destined to go to Hell only and they really do not brag about it!). On the very first day Yam Raj (Caretaker of Hell) did not want to start with his punishment schedule and instead sent him with a Yam Dut (Hell’s Angels) for orientation.

While going around the Hell he found one IITian from Mumbai being fried in hot oil. It was too much for him to digest and he shouted “Oh! Why he is being punished like this?”. “ Don’t ask me for any explanation. He is being punished for his Karma Phal (reward and punishment for all his deeds while alive)” replied the Yam Dut.

He went some distance and found one IITian from Delhi being flogged mercilessly. He could not bear the sight and again asked the Yam Dut “Oh! Why he is being punished like this?”. “ I have already told you that don’t ask me for any explanation. He is being punished for his Karma Phal” replied the Yam Dut.

It went on like that till he found an IITian from Kharagpur having a candle light dinner with Aiswarya Rai! This was too much for him! He could not understand the reason and shouted “This is too much! It cannot be! I cannot just accept this injustice”. “ I have already told you so many times before that don’t ask me for any explanation. Aiswarya Rai is just suffering for her Karma Phal” was the reply from the Yam Dut.

Since then I am just waiting for that great moment and even humming the tune “Maron re thun hun mama sham o shoman (Death, you are just like my beloved)” in the bathroom. I am only afraid that if this is leaked out to Aiswarya Rai, she might even invite me for a candle light dinner while still alive instead of keeping it pending!