Tuesday, October 29, 2013

African Safari - destination Masai Mara, Kenya! Part - 4, Sweetwaters Tented Camp, Aberdares, 16/10/13


prat said...

Really awesome... Picture quality is too good and it seems they also enjoyed posing for a click...
Also easy to prepare a picture book for my daughter :)

Indrabhom said...

Hi Biplab,

Lovely pictures. Especially those of the birds. What was your lens? Was it higher than 300mm?

Subhadra and I went to Kenya around the same time as you (Oct 11-18). Our paths may have crossed. We were a group of 7 families, and had a lot of fun.

We went to Masaimara via Aberdaire, Naruku and Naivasha.

Missed the migration in the Rift valley. Also most of the flamengos had already left by then.

Did you go to a Masai village? We did and it was quite an experience.

How was the balloon ride? We did not have the time for one.



biplab said...

Prat, so far it is only the tip of the iceberg!Wait till the last!

biplab said...

Indra, I have used 300mm Nikon lens only for most of my shots even for birds....anything higher will require a stand!At the last moment we came to know about the flooding at Lake Nakuru and immediately swithed over to Lake Elementaita where we could see lots of Flamingos and Pelican...also the accommodation was fantastic. We went up to a Masai Village but did not enter since the fee was high...USD 30 per person! Balloon ride was simply excellent!