Sunday, November 3, 2013

African Safari - destination Masai Mara, Kenya! Part - 17, Dinner at famous “Game Meat” Restaurant “Carnivore”! Nairobi, 20/10/13

We returned to Nairobi on 20th October, 2013, evening after a very hectic but enjoyable “African Safari” and after a hot bath and a cup of tea went for our dinner at the famous “Game Meat” Restaurant “Carnivore”!

“Carnivore” is famous for “Nyama Choma” which literally means “Burnt Meat”! Marinated juicy chunks of meat…be it of chicken, mutton, beef, pork and “game meat” like that of “Ostrich” and “Crocodile” are roasted over charcoal fire to your specification…rare, medium-rare, medium, medium well done or well done!

Just looking at the menu, one of our team member who was enjoying beef steak only other day, declared that he has become strict vegetarian over-night! Considering such eventualities, strictly meat eating joint “Carnivore”  has also introduced a vegetarian platter in their menu and hence the situation could be managed! 

Other two friends decided to stick to chicken to avoid food contamination in any other way!

For me and my daughter, Sudeshna, however, it was business as usual and we told them to bring all the type of meats…including game meat…in medium rare condition! Since I am not very fond of chicken…I avoided it altogether! We…my daughter & myself…have never tested   “Nyama Choma” of “Ostrich” or “Crocodile”  before …which were  really delicious…and we ordered multiple helpings! 


The Compulsive Traveller said...

Aha... Being a strict 'carnivore', here's another reason for me to go to Nairobi (on way to Masaimara of course), though I'm disappointed that they don't serve zebra. Apparently it's served in a restaurant in Jo'burg, along with some other game meat which I have forgotten now

biplab said...

"Carnivore" normally served two special "game meat" per it was Ostrich ( like duck meat without any typical smell) and Crocodile ( white meat ..similar to chicken with texture similar to lobster)that day!