Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three Dogs in Our Locality!

Mongrels are everywhere in India. Every locality, be it a village or a city, can boast of a few, of different shapes and sizes. As puppies they really look cute & chubby. But when they grow up, they look either like underfed “Dingo” or malnourished “Fox Terrier” with shorter muzzle and longer tail!

They do not belong to anybody but the whole locality belongs to them. Though asleep most of the time, they are the first line of defence for a locality against intruders. Burglars are, however, spared. The burglars could always buy their flexible loyalties (like our politicians) with a few bread crumbs. With some more considerations they might even accompany the burglars to their destination!

It is still common in this part of the world to throw leftovers in open garbage cans. When hungry these mongrels will rampage through these garbage cans and “pick and choose” bones and other juicy morsels. Real peaceful coexistence!

Our locality also had its fair share of mongrels, the typical being a triplet! They were completely black and so identical that I doubted whether their mother could differentiate. We used to call them “Kalu

For the last few days they were very happy. They got the news that Arun Mukherjee’s niece was getting married within a couple of days. Marriage in a Bengali family is always a grand affair. There will be too much of good food, mostly choicest non-vegetarian dishes; too much of wastage and too much of leftovers in the garbage bin for the mongrels to celebrate! You could really “pick and choose” and had your fill!

They were monitoring the events very closely. A big Pandal (Enclosure) with bamboo frames with tarpaulin on top had been erected in front of Mukherjee’s house. The inside of the Pandal was decorated with colored velvet and satin clothing, giving the aura of Maharaja’s! It was divided into three sections. The front section, as you enter, was reserved for seating and wedding ceremony. Section on the left was for Indian style dining and buffet. The rear section reserved for cooking was the most interesting section for “Kalu”. Dinner in the evening would always be the grand finale for Bengali wedding!

On the fateful day, they took the strategic position near the garbage bin and were waiting for the good event to start. But nothing was happening! They were extremely worried.

“I really do not know what is happening? Bengalis really do not have any sense of time!” Growled Kalu.
Some more time past and the curiosity got the better of him.
“You two stay put. Let me just sneak in to find out what is holding them up”. Addressed Kalu to his siblings.
In no time he reached the cooking area. Smell was also very helpful as a direction finder. Though he overheard that the bride groom and his party would be coming late, he did not feel that it justified keeping guest like him waiting. Anyway he was never for small talks!

The cooking area was deserted. In the centre there was a serving table where all the dishes in their respective serving bowl were kept ready, with a thin muslin cover to keep away flies. He could not fathom “What is the matter?”

Kalu was simply overwhelmed! Fish Fry! Mutton Briyani! Chicken Chap!… ... My GOD! if he had set the menu himself!
“I think I should skip Salad and Raita and concentrate on non-veg” he told himself, licking his lips with the thought of impending gastronomical pleasure! He was about to start with the first course when there was an interruption! [To be continued.]


jdrhere said...

Ahh... the allusion to that by jerome k jerome with subject contrary to the subtitle ! Roadatians have always been my least that's how i do assess :)
just peep into plz.

biplab said...

jayashree, these three dogs did not have anything to do with "Three Men in a Boat". My love for Jerome K. Jerome prompted me to select the title that way. Hope the dogs will forgive me. Thanks for the link.


I write this comment while the text of 'Three men in a boat' gets downloaded.

Jayashree : thanks for the link.Do you know where I can get the biography of Paul Gauguin and Pamuk's 'My name is Red' ?

Biplab...Reality Shows are the current toasts of the TV viewers. Likewise, your real-life stories in simple English will be liked by a lot of readers.

I believe , your 1st story could have had a more dramatic conclusion ,may be under the Heading :

After your readership increases, you can ask some of your readers to
write their own version of the conclusion !!


biplab said...

let us stay connected!

As my first experience in blogging (or even writing)i just followed the actual ending. Probably i made the tempo little high for my blog readers to expect a dramatic end.
I would love if my blog readers could come up with any other ending.

jdrhere said...

let us stay connected - here's the link to yr queries:
Orhan Pamuk
Paul Gauguin
The Moon and Sixpence –Somerset Maugham

biplab said...

jayashree, being illiterate, i always like company of educated personnel even if it is in blog only

jdrhere said...

haha!good joke! danke danke:-)
but i whole heartedly agree about,
jeffrey archer has one with 1+4 optional endings,selfwritten though.

biplab said...

jdrhere, thanks for reminding about fatherland. icon is apt. i might also propose a different ending, but may be little later.

jdrhere said...

you mean the mascot? :) righto?


Biplab ,
Will you please ask 'Jayashree' to re-examine the 'syntax' of the links of :
- My name is Red
- Moons & Six Pence.

I am not looking for links of sellers of hard copies of these books.There are a plenty of them in Calcutta, including footpath in front of Indian Museum.

I am looking for internet edition which have two advantages : no physical space and no cah out !